St Vincent’s Housing and The Mosscare Housing Group to join forces

St Vincent’s Housing and The Mosscare Housing Group have announced that they intend to unite, in a plan to be an even more influential force together, than they are already alone.

The Mosscare Housing Group, who manage nearly 5,000 homes in Manchester, Stockport, Tameside and Trafford, take pride in the positive effect they have on communities.

St Vincent’s Housing was initially set up to help people who had been left without anywhere to stay, after their homes had been knocked down in Manchester’s mass slum clearance.

Partnership plans are underway and the Chief Executive of the joint organisation has been appointed to Charlie Norman, St Vincent’s current Chief Executive.

The Chief Executive of the Mosscare Housing Group, Rob Ferguson, has decided that the proposal has provided a perfect opportunity for his retirement.

Speaking of the proposed plans he has said, “We are strong, well regarded organisations, with similar values and a shared ethos. We are optimistic about the opportunities that will be created by this new partnership which will be built on a proven track record over many years”.

Both organisations are excited to continue the efficient and helpful service that they currently provide, but hopefully now on a wider scale.

With similar beliefs at the root of the two groups, it seems to them a logical and beneficial decision to merge as one.

Charlie Norman, appointed Chief Executive of the joint organisation, has also spoken about the advantages of the plan.

He said, “By combining our tradition and ambition, we will continue as trusted social businesses and high quality Greater Manchester landlords. We will be even stronger and able to do even more.  This is an exciting and important time and I am very happy and privileged to be part of this”.

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