Star Wars spoilers for fare dodgers

We seriously couldn’t make this up, even if we tried. London Underground staff have threatened to punish fare dodgers in the worst possible way – with Star Wars spoilers.

A cheeky notice went up outside Canonbury station after the UK release on 17 December stating that, “Anyone caught travelling without a valid ticket or Oyster will be told the ending to the new Star Wars [film] (and also get a penalty fare)”.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Director, JJ Abrams, has gone to great lengths to keep the plot secret up until its release last week.

However some cheeky tube workers have threatened the worst punishment for anyone who forgets to buy a ticket.

Abrams even refused to put the sci-fi blockbuster, tipped to become the highest grossing film ever, up for awards consideration as that would have meant sending out DVD screeners to critics.

“The level of scrutiny is pretty much unprecedented for me”, he told

If you’re venturing out to London, do not forget to buy your Tube ticket. Warned, you have been!

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Photo Credit: Star Wars Youtube 

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