How to stay cool in hot weather

Recently, the whole of the UK has been experiencing some extreme heat. When the weather is hotter, our temperatures rise and our energy levels drop.

Despite soaring temperatures, there are simple and easy ways to stay cool.

Water, water….and more water

It is crucial to stay hydrated in hot weather to prevent nasty side effects of severe sun exposure. We lose a lot of water through perspiration, so drinking more will help keep our bodies in balance and prevent dehydration. Keep water bottles in the fridge or freezer for a period of time to keep them cool and ready for on-the-go.

Run cold water on your wrists 

Running cold water on your wrists for 10 seconds will give a feeling of relief from the heat. Although only temporary, the cooling sensation is instant.

Wear wet clothing

Wetting a t-shirt or shirt with water, wringing it out and sitting beside blowing air will cool you down. This can also be down with sleeves of a long-sleeve shirt, or even the hem of trousers or a long skirt.

Put a pillow in the freezer

Putting a pillow in the freezer is a simple and effective way of staying cool while in bed. Wrap the pillow in a few plastic bags before freezing to prevent frost on the pillowcase.

Freeze your snacks

Freezing small portions of pre-chopped fruit is an easy and delicious way of beating the heat and feeding your appetite..

Try products with mint

Mint has a tingly and cooling sensation on the skin which can be refreshing in hot weather. Avoid using minty products around your face and eyes though.

Close the curtains blinds

Keeping the home or office dark will help cool it down. Open windows and curtains will let the sunshine and the heat in. Opening windows and blinds at night will let air in whilst it is the coolest.

Go downstairs

Hot air rises. With this being the case, upstairs bedrooms are often the warmest in the house. If you’re struggling to concentrate in the heat, try going downstairs where the air is naturally cooler

Avoid over-exertion

Strenuous physical activity can be tiring on the best of days. On particularly hot days, avoid exhaustion by resting in the shade, and not exercising in the sunshine.

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