Stefflon Don hopeful that Skepta and Ne-Yo will join tour

Stefflon Don is cancelling “a lot of stuff” to commit to tour rehearsals.

Speaking to Newsbeat at 1Xtra Live, she says: “I’m having a two-month serious prep so I can get everything bang on with the choreography.”

It’s her second tour this year and she’s hoping to bring out the likes of Skepta, Ne-Yo and French Montana on stage with her.

“I’m trying to bring out everybody I’ve collaborated with. It’s my biggest tour and I’m not joking,” she laughs.

She says she’s slid in the DMs on Twitter with everyone she’s worked with and they all say they’ll join her.

“I’ve been hollering people and they’re all like ‘Yeah, yeah, of course,'” she says backstage.

“I want it to be a moment the audience will never forget. I love to put on a show and I want people to see I’m really serious.”

Last month, a school used in the rapper’s video for Pretty Girl said it was seeking legal advice after getting complaints about the “highly inappropriate” content filmed.

One scene depicts her smoking cannabis which Mill Hill School said “popularises everything which good schools should be against”.

Reportedly, Stefflon Don couldn’t talk about the incident or comment further.

The London rapper has recently revealed that before she made it in the music business, she made record labels beg for her.

She also insisted new artists should prove their worth by themselves before striking a deal.

Speaking ahead of her performance at BBC Radio1Xtra Live, Steff said: “What I really want to say to artists and what I’ve noticed a lot of labels are doing is as soon as they see someone they run and sign them.

“I’ve spoken to a lot of artists and I’m like: ‘Are you signed’ and they’re like: ‘Yeah’ and I’m like: ‘Where did they find you, you just dropped a tune like yesterday’.

“I feel you need to learn a bit more about the business as when you get signed first of all if you’re not known and this is your first track they’re going to give you hardly anything.

“It’s a better way to find yourself on your own first. When you know your sound and what you want to do then you get the label involved as it works like a partnership.”

Steff refused to sign for less than £1million and even signed her own label V-IV London to Universal so she could have full control over her music.

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