Stephen K Amos jokes his way into the Lowry – Review

Stephen K Amos is one of the very few comedians who is the perfect conductor of his the audience. Amos effortlessly shapes and guides the audience, as to where to laugh and also how he wants them to participate.

‘Stephen K Amos?’, I hear some of you say, ‘who on earth is he?’. He is an English stand up comedian from London. Stephen has also done his rounds on TV on programmes such as ‘Have I Got News For You’, ‘Mock the Week’, ‘Eastenders’ and most famously, ‘The Wright Stuff’.

Despite a tough critic, there were many points throughout the evening where there were plenty of laugh out loud moments. Amos mercilessly mocks audience members and the accents of the north. And yet, surprisingly – manages to not seriously offend anyone.

Amos mixes racism, politics and stereotyping in to his set. He proceeds to show the predominately white audience how some white people have stereotyped him in both the past and present. It was true and remarkably refreshing despite a few people fidgeting in their chair out of sheer discomfort. He also drew audience members into his set with great ease; this truly added to his set. I can only image if it all went terribly wrong how cringe-worthy it would have been.

The audience at The Lowry in Salford loved him. A fan gets a shout out from Amos, I look around bewildered and the lady sat next to me fills me in, ‘She follows him all round the world and goes to every show, she just got back from Australia’.

Clearly Amos is a master of his trade and adored by his fans which is explained by his huge following. Stephen K Amos is a true maestro and manages to engage generations in his societal comedic humour.

A must see comedian for 2017.


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