Steven Woolfe: Who is he?

Steven Woolfe is definitely a rising star. With a depth of character that is surely lacking in today’s political arena. Until the Police Crime Commissioners Hustings TNT had never heard of this man. This man is articulate, precise, informative and has extensive knowledge of the law and corporate fiancés.  Mr Woolfe wants to serve and enable the diverse community to promote themselves in a more favourable light.

Woolfe explains he’s is of mixed heritage, Jewish Grandmother and African American GI Grandfather. Bought up in Mosside, Hulme and Burnage in Manchester. Steven is all too familiar with the issues of inner city urban life.

Steven as a youth was into break dancing on the streets of Manchester.  On occasion he would be asked to move along and disperse such group gatherings by the police. He has also been a victim of crime on the streets of Manchester where he was attacked.

Steven isn’t at all unapproachable he is a complete contradiction to his persona. He has a dry sense of humour which TNT personally found funny. Woolfe understands the concerns that the people of Manchester have. But is he playing lip service? 

Steven Marcus Woolfe schooled at st bede’s in Whalley Range in Manchester. Now, 45 years of age, a barrister working for the criminal justice system.  As well as one of the leading spokesman for Hedge funds, and a former hedge fund lawyer. 

“The UK independent party isn’t an independent it is a political party. It’s the fourth largest political party in Britain with over 19, ooo members.  We came second in the European elections four years ago. We also came second in the Barnsley bi-elections.  Where UKIP, beat the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats”.

Steven Woolfe has experienced what could be construed as covert racism.  When he started off as a junior barrister in crime and he couldn’t get a full tenancy. ” I had to start looking in different areas”. I think it was to do with where I was from in the North of England!” as too his speech.  It was said to be very broad i.e. his Mancunian dialect! He was coerced into changing it to appeal to a broader audience.  The reason given was his vocabulary wasn’t clear.

He Says “the elitist only make life comfortable for themselves!” Woolfe started in the Labour party and in university was a candidate for the Labour party, before beoming disillusioned.

Mr Woolfe is a seemingly a breath of fresh air,  if all that he says is to be believed. He states, in democracy and also certain institutions can be part communist in their belief and philosophies . Moreover, were lucky that parliament exist to serve the people.  

Steven’s passionate about heartfelt issues such as small businesses and the impact that they have on the economy.  Woolfe, believes that these businesses have the insight vision, energy and excitement to create more jobs.  “If one small business create one new job then over a Million and half people would be back in work”

Steven Woolfe talks about the diverse community being dumbed down. Stating, diverse communities are often seen as comedians, so not to offend the higher Rakia.

Steven if elected would try to implement;

• Turning PCO’s into real police. PCO’s earn 5,000 more than an initial policeman.
• Tougher sentencing.
• Wants the people of Manchester to have a voice.
• Wants to crack down on Knife crime as this is rising faster and is greater than gun crime.
• Want to create a great strategy plan for policing Manchester.

When asked – If you win the Police Crime Commissioners role, would you feel you could stand up to the job?
Steven Woolfe – “yes” I’m here to do a job and won’t be afraid to do it!

Q) In light of UKIP’s racial outburst and views. Is the UKIP party a viable option for people of colour? As UKIP promotes exclusion not inclusion.

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