Stockport man jailed for continuing child exploitation

Greater Manchester Police has reported that a local man from Stockport has been jailed for multiple child sexual exploitation offences. He was sentenced on 2 December at Preston Crown Court.

31-year-old James Bird was first found guilty of child sexual exploitation back in August 2014. He was charged with 19 offences of making and distributing indecent imagery of child.

For these offences he received a 3-year community order and a 5-year sexual offence prevention order. He also had a 5-year sexual offence notification requirement in place.

In February 2016, Bird was arrested for breaching these terms. Upon studying his phone, police discovered that he had been using a fake social media account to engage with children.

He had been posing as a young female schoolchild gaining the trust of 11 to 14-year-old victims. Bird would then go on to exchange indecent images with the children and encourage them to expose themselves to him. He also encouraged them to engage in sexual activity.

If his targets refused, Bird had on occasions threatened and blackmailed the children. He would claim that he would hurt or kill their loved ones if they didn’t comply.

Bird was sentenced to nine years in jail and will spend six years on license thereafter. He is also subject to a sexual harm prevention order and will remain on the sexual offender register indefinitely.

Detective Sergeant Andy Kindness of GMP’s Stockport Borough has released a statement about the offences:

“Everyone should be able to stay safe while using social media and without coming into contact with monsters like Bird”.

Sadly this is not the case and it must be reinforced that the online community can be a dangerous place.

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