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Stop Brexit petition hits 3,000,000 signatures

More than 3million people have now signed a petition to scrap Brexit and revoke Article 50 and stop the UK from leaving the European Union.

There has been huge interest in the petition which was started in February but gained significant traction over the last few days.

On Thursday 21 March, it hit the one million mark by lunchtime and then two million by the evening when Theresa May finally responded.

Despite the huge support, which continues to grow, she has said that she will continue with her plans to get her Brexit deal through parliament.

However, support for her from MPs took a significant knock when she made a speech blaming them for the chaotic position the UK is currently in.

The petition website crashed on 21 March and struggled to load under the volume of people visiting it or watching as the total went past significant milestones.

The increasing chances of a delayed Brexit have also grown meaning the UK may have to take part in EU elections due in May.

As a result, former Ukip leader Nigel Farage said he would take over the leadership of the Brexit Party.

When asked on the Today programme if he would stand again in any EU elections for the new party, Mr Farage said: ‘Absolutely I will.

‘The Brexit Party was set up a few weeks ago, it’s registered with the Electoral Commission, it is at the moment a virtual party – it’s a website – we haven’t launched.’

Pressed on the resignation of the previous leader, Catherine Blaiklock, over racist tweets, he said the messages were ‘horrible… angry, intolerant stuff’.

He added: ‘She was never intended to be the long-term leader, she was there as an interim…

‘I knew she had strong opinions but I was unaware of this.

‘I will take over as the leader of the Brexit Party and I will lead this party into the European elections.’

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Photo Credit: Petition Parliament

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