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Stormzy to Corbyn: ‘Don’t mess it up!’

Grime star Stormzy has jokingly warned Jeremy Corbyn not to ‘mess it up’.

The London-born musician, who supported the Labour leader in his General Election campaign, was speaking on ITV’s The Jonathan Ross Show. ‘I like Corbyn, he’s cool. My boy! Corbyn is cool, man. J Corb.’

In September, Mr Corbyn presented Stormzy with the ‘Solo Artist of the Year Award’ at the GQ Awards. It was there where the rapper branded Prime Minister Theresa May ‘a paigon’.

Speaking to Ross, Stormzy says it means ‘a snake, a foul person’.

He said: ‘You see all this politics stuff. I think a lot of them are paigons in that sense. Let me put it like this, I remember when I was in primary school and for whatever reason at the time, I could have sworn Tony Blair was this great guy. So since then I’ve just had trust issues with them.’

The singer then jokingly issued his warning to Mr Corbyn, saying: ‘Don’t mess it up. Don’t mess it up, J!’

The Jonathan Ross Show is on ITV 1 and this particular episode will be available on ITV Hub for those who didn’t watch it aired initially.

Currently dating TV presenter Jama, who presents ITV’s Cannonball, Stormzy said children are not on the cards for the couple at the moment.

He said: “I’ve been with my missus for about three years. One day I would love to have kids, but my missus is a working woman.”

Ross then asked Stormzy: “She is focusing on her career right now?” and he replied: “Yes, that’s the one.”

He will also soon be seen as a guest judge on The X Factor when he joins Nicole Scherzinger. This will be during the judges’ house stage of the ITV singing show.

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Photo Credit: British GQ

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