Stormzy flies fans to party in Spain for 25th birthday

The grime star flew fans and friends out to Spain for his birthday last week

Stormzy celebrated his 25th birthday last week (July 26) by flying fans and friends to Spain.

The grime star has previously treated his followers on his birthday, renting out Thorpe Park theme park for 200 fans and friends in 2016.

Now Stormzy has shared footage from last week’s trip, before which fans had been invited to enter a competition for their chance to go along. “We wanted to do something special for the fans,” he said at the time.

The party flew via #MerkyAirways to a villa in Menorca where the MC was joined by Maya Jama, Big Shaq and more.

A video on Instagram TV shows the group’s journey, from boarding the plane to hanging out by the pool, and the musician and friends performing together on a stage.

“It’s just incredible,” Stormzy said while waiting to take off. “Just lovely.” Watch the video above.

During the flight, Stormzy gave out safety announcements and fans were treated to #MerkyAirways goodie bags which included t-shirts, headphones and sunglasses. Last week, a video emerged of competition winners singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Stormzy aboard the plane.

Meanwhile, the star is launching his own book publishing imprint, #Merky Books. The project is a collaboration between Stormzy and Penguin Random House, and the rapper said he wanted it to be a “reference point for [talented writer] to say “I can be an author.”

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