Stranger’s act of kindness for stranded student

A Liverpool student is desperately seeking to find the kind stranger who generously paid for her misplaced train ticket.

On 12 January, Grace Georgina mistakenly lost her ticket for the return leg of her journey from London Euston to Liverpool.

The service desk at the station refused to issue a replacement in spite of email confirmation and a valid ID. Georgina was told she would have to pay for a new ticket, which cost £159 for the single journey. She had previously only paid £16.50 for her original ticket.

As a result of this, Grace Georgina, who currently studies pharmacology at Liverpool John Moore’s University, was left in tears.

After seeing the scene unravel, a generous stranger approached the 21-year-old student and offered to pay the fee.

“I point blank refused several times as it was my own fault misplacing the ticket, and this guy was a complete stranger”, Georgina told The Tab.

“He then calmly insisted […] and walked me to the desk as his mate held my suitcase. […] I then welled up again and gave him a massive hug before he walked away, and I ran to make the next train to Lime Street”.

The generous stranger is described to be a white male, around 30-years-old, with brown hair and a strong Scouse accent.

Struck by the selfless act of kindness, she forgot to ask the stranger his name. In a desperate plea to find and thank him, Grace Georgina has launched her story online through social media.

“I am completely and utterly overwhelmed by the compassion shown by this person from Liverpool. I wouldn’t expect anyone at all, never mind a total stranger to help out like that”.

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Photo Credit: Torstenn Dettlaff


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