Street Harassment unmasked

Manchester’s oldest youth club has plunged itself deep into the chasm of the issues faced by our local youth, in such effective fashion. Having produced two documentary videos this month, Hideaway youth project is boldly addressing the racial and sexual prejudices faced by young people in Moss Side.

The two videos – R.E.A.C.T: Stop and Search Know Your Rights and How Can We Make It Stop? – Youth Street Harassment – were made in conjunction with ODD Arts and The Hideaway project Manchester.

With real-life stories from teenage girls, How Can We Make It Stop? explores the street harassment young girls face on a daily basis as they walk in their community. In particular, it expresses the views of a group of young girls on how they feel about being cat called and harassed on the streets of Moss side.

“There were seven points identified by the young people. They wanted to do this and it was all done in 3 sessions due to their personal experiences being close at hand”, Hideaway youth worker Akemia Minott told TNT.

The concerns raised in the documentary include the cat calling of young school girls from old men, staring and other inappropriate behaviour from men.

TNT News Yasin Chinembiri

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