Strictly Come Dancing homophobia row – Watch

Comedian Peter Kay has been accused of homophobia after his guest appearance on Strictly Come Dancing. He took part in the Saturday 19 November show, a Blackpool special.

Kay dressed up as one of the show’s security staff and stood with the contestants and Claudia Winkleman. He spoke fondly of Reality television court room star Judge Rinder, before putting his arm around him.

Rinder then goes in to hug Kay and this is when he makes a joke in relation to his sexuality. He says, “Steady. Steady. Watch it me lad. Watch it.”

He then goes on to say, “This case is firmly closed.” Kay says this whilst pointing to his behind, making reference to the sexual activity of gay men.

Viewers are divided in their reactions to the comments, with some regarding the remark as a harmless joke.

@petermcpee tweeted: “Seriously people really need 2 learn the difference between homophobia & a joke. Don’t miss use words like that. #peterkay #Strictly”.

Others disagreed and felt that the joke was homophobic and offensive to the LGBT community. @the_sheff responded to @petermcpee with a contrasting opinion:

“Singling out the gay guy & making 1970s ‘predatory gay’ jokes at his expense is homophobia. It also makes kids think it’s OK”.

Judge Rinder did not appear to take offense to the comments, laughing along with the joke. If the person the joke is at the expense of finds it humorous, does this make the comment acceptable? We are also unaware as to whether Rinder was simply caught off guard and laughed out of nervousness.

If people consider the comments to be homophobic, this could still be true if Peter Kay is not a homophobe. Sometimes people make remarks without thinking, that they don’t realise will cause offense.

The debate is far from being settled, with social media discussions still taking place. The BBC – which claims to promote diversity – is yet to comment, as is Peter Kay himself.

TNT wants to know what you think, are the comments homophobic? Comment below with your opinions.

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Photo Credit: BBC Strictly Come Dancing

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