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First aired in 2012 ‘Studville’ is a dramatic YouTube series that follows a group of four African-American lesbians living in Atlanta, Georgia. The YouTube series has developed a firm following in recent years and now boasts 4,545 followers on Twitter, and 82,477 subscribers on its YouTube channel.

As couples are formed in the narrative it becomes clear that there are two types of lesbians, studs and femmes. The studs function in a commanding and masculine role whilst the femmes are protected and cared for, even in the bedroom department. The series presents a powerful and purposeful message regarding the belonging of black Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender individuals within the 21st century.

The show’s largely gay cast has been selected in order to give the show the greatest chance of being authentic and veritable, and its creator has been revealing the significance of having a lesbian writer produce material for the LGBT community, whilst insisting that the series is suitable for all sexualities.

Sheri Johnson has stated “So many in the LGBT community and heterosexual world can relate because the story is the same round the world, but displayed through the vision of the creator. Never be afraid to tell your story, you never know who your going to inspire”.

‘Studville’ depicts its lesbian protagonists and their experiences as the centerpiece of the show instead of as a sidekick to heterosexual life, which consequently eradicates any inward desire to compare the two sexualities. The centrality of the issue of lesbianism represents the writer’s extensive efforts in presenting a side of queer culture, which is sorely missed in mainstream entertainment.

Sheri Johnson has stated, “I never would have thought in a million years that so many people would relate to a story that I had to tell. The stories of my life and the ‘Real Crew’”.

The first nine episodes of each season of ‘Studville’ are free, but viewers have to purchase the final episode of each season in order for the series to gain sufficient funding to continue. The conclusion of season 3, ‘Studville TV Movie Finale’, was released on the 6th of December.



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