Students outraged by rise of Magic Bus fares

Students have expressed outrage as fares for Manchester’s Magic Bus have risen by 50%.

Manchester’s famous Magic Buses will see its single fare prices rise from £1 to £1.50. A move that may see them price out its core demographic – Manchester’s student population.

Stagecoach Manchester announced a rise in fares for all its services from April 2nd onwards, including its Magic Bus service.

This is the first price increase since April 2012 when a single trip would cost just 70p.

Magic Bus includes the number 141, 142, 143 and 145 bus services.

These services operate out of Piccadilly Gardens towards Didsbury, through Oxford Road via Rusholme and Fallowfield.

It is the main modes of transport for many people who use the service to go to and from the city centre.

Many of Manchester’s students took to social media to express their outrage.

Twitter user @MuneeraLula said: “The £1.50 Magic Bus charge is an assault on Manchester culture.”

@Lucymwarren said: “Gonna start boycotting magic bus.”

@Emmakaybaker said: “Just paid £1.50 for a magic bus 😭💔 end of an era.”

@emmamooreee “Just got the magic bus for the first time since the price increase. Not so magic anymore.”

On Stagecoach’s website they stated: “We know that no-one likes changes to fares and we have tried very hard to keep fares as low as possible.

Some of these tickets have not been changed for over two years and still represent great value compared to the cost of running a car.”

Other price increases include single fares under £2 will rise by 10p and fares above £2 will go up by 20p.

The Manchester dayrider will cost users for adults £4.30, £2.10 for child tickets. Magicrider tickets will cost £3.60.

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