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Meet our Sub-Editor Alexia Hendrickson

The Nubian Times would like to introduce you all to our newly appointed trainee Sub-Editor, Alexia. With a keen eye to detail and an efficiency to her work, she has become a huge part of the editing team members. You will spot her out and about in Manchester, either conducting gig reviews or community reporting. She is always snooping around for great content, so when you see her around town, say hello; she won’t bite.

Alexia writes an occasional blogpost or two. She’s always got something to say on the great lifestyle Manchester has to offer.

You may have caught her in front of the camera lens on TNT News via our site, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. With her infectiously bubbly personality, she’s truly a breath of fresh air.

Always one for a theatre performance and a food review, she’s quick to jump on anything that helps her flex her writerly muscles, so to speak. She’s our kind of girl!

If you’re interested in ensuring Alexia covers some of your headlining news and engaging conversations, stay tuned for our weekly news – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 12.30pm.

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