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Suge Knight’s son speaks out against mistreatment

Suge Knight’s son has spoken out against his father’s imprisonment claiming that he has been mistreated.

Suge Jacob Knight, 21, took to Instagram to criticise the conditions of his father’s imprisonment. The 21-year-old says that his father is being treated as less than a human. Suge Jacob Knight claims that Suge has suffered from isolation and mistreatment.

Suge’s son voiced his frustrations and anger, after being allowed to see him after two years.

The 21-year-old says that his father “gets mistreated more than a rapist or a serial killer”.

He said it “hurt” to see Suge “get neglected” right in front of his face. He asked, when “will they view him as a human?”.

The former Death Row Records CEO is currently imprisoned for his involvement in a hit and run incident. The incident occurred in 2015 and left one man injured and another man dead. Suge has not been released as he is unable to meet $10.5 million [£8.4 million] in bail.

Suge, 51, has been charged with murder and attempted murder and awaits trial. The 51-year-old has reportedly spoken to a judge about his mistreatment behind bars. On 22 February 2017, Suge requested for his trial to be postponed until summer 2017.

Knight has been unable to see his attorney and has only been able to make phone calls to them. It has been claimed that Suge has not been given the same rights as other inmates.

There have also been visitation complications. Knight has reportedly been unable to see any of his family members over the past two years. The restrictions are the result of a protective order. This order separates Knight from the rest of the wider prison population.

Prosecutors argue that this order has been put in place to ensure the safety of the entire prison population. The ‘extreme’ security measures are believed to be necessary.

Suge’s son has asked for support. He wants his father to get the “best chance to defend himself”.

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