Summer Body Mission: Part 2…

Summer body mission : part 2

If I had a pound for every person that came to me in the gym saying ‘I’d just like to flatten and tone my belly and firm up my arms and bum’ id never have to work again!

So here’s some easy peasy simple exercises and tips to improve your body.

Ok im going to start with the least obvious. Posture. Yes posture! If you sit slouched what bit sticks out? Your gut. If you stand slouched what bit sticks out? Your gut! No amount of in breaths will save you on holiday. So fix up roll your shoulders back, straighten your back, secure your core and sit up straight. Practice this all day everyday you’ll notice how much visually this will improve your look.

Not practical enough? Try this- Planking

Hold for 30 seconds repeat 4-5 times.


front plank. Laying on your front place elbows under shoulders lift your weight onto your elbows and toes hold hips off the floor


Side plank. Variation hold weight on one elbow lift hips off the ground

hold 30 seconds repeat left and right 4-5 times

sit ups are great if you have not a inch of fat on your bones. However planking  strengthens your core as well as working the abs, back, buttocks, shoulders, arms and thighs thus creating a natural slender over all definition. (full body workout)


with or without weights. Stand feet hip distance apart heels planted firmly into the ground, slowly bend knees in a sitting motion. Imagine you are aiming to sit on those tiny seats they have a primary schools for kids. Hold then push through heels thighs and buttocks back to standing.

10 squats per set repeat 10 times

Victoria Thompson

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