Summer body?

Have you got your ‘bikini body’ yet? This is the phrase that has been imprinted in our minds over that last few months; constantly reminding us of the goal we must achieve to look the ‘right’ way this summer.  This is the phrase that has contributed towards over 1.6 million cases of anorexia, bulimia and suffering amongst the carefree younger generation in just the UK. We’ve been taught that our self worth is dependant on our dress size.

Almost 50% of teenage girls are currently dieting in the UK. Dieting has become an obssesion, even though it has been found that women who start dieting before the age of 14 are more liekly to end up obese, caught in a cycle of dieting and binge eating. Care UK said that “unrealistic expectations often lead to low self-esteem”. So, when we are bombarded with these images of ‘perfect’, skinny, ‘summer’ bodies, it’s hard to remember that we’re all perfect in our own way. It may be the changing rooms of Topshop or that dress that won’t fit that try to convince us otherwise, but whats important is to be active, eat healthily, look after our bodies and feel good about ourselves. Don’t get obsessed- you don’t need a ‘bikini body’!

TNT Anna Seifu

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