Summer heat, summer rain…

“Not only is the summer heat killing me, but so is all di gyal dem in their pum-pum shorts, I’m so jealous wid my big belly pregnant self.” Lela said as she sulked and fanned herself with a cardboard coaster from the beer garden that The Six occasionally visited.

Gulping down his pint of golden liquid Knight said, “Well I’m enjoying all di skin on display mi nar lie.”

Ben laughing said, “Me too!”

Returning from the bar to the outside seating area, Nia asked, “Where’s Steele?”

Ben replied, “He’s just texted me and said he won’t be able to make it, he’s got baby mother drama.”

Putting her hand out to test the sky Sasha said, “Oh it’s starting to spit we better move inside, typical British weather.”

As The Six began to reshuffle Sasha said, “Anyway I better leave you lot now.”

Nia whined, “Oh Why?”

Sasha replied as she hugged The Six goodbye, “I need to go meet Miss Lilly Parker.”

At Lilly and Sasha’s favourite space, Hyde Park, Lilly said as she sat on the grass, “Breaking news came through on my Twitter feed that Leo Banks got married today.”

Sasha asked as she removed two mini bottles of water from her bag, “How did that nasty cow bag a husband?”

“I don’t know.” Lilly shrugged as she accepted the mini water from Sasha.

Lilly and Sasha were quiet for a moment as they breathed in the park’s scenic views and their own thoughts.

Lilly started, “I’m not a lesbian you know.”

Sasha eyeballed her and said, “Then how come you’ve been getting in deep with Sabrina Cooke.”

Ashamed, Lilly put her head down and said, “I don’t know, it was a moment of insanity.”

Sasha asked. “So what happens now?”

Lilly sipping her water said, “I’m so confused, I told you it’s complicated.”

Sasha retorted, “Not really. Either you’re straight or gay.”

Lilly muttered, “Or bi-sexual.”

They were quite again.

Sasha began, “Well I haven’t even told The Six about the Black Coffee.”


“Well I don’t know where I stand with him after that drunken night of you- know- what.” Sasha groaned.

“Was he good?” Lilly asked.

Sasha looked at Lilly expressionless and asked, “Was Sabrina good?”

Looking across the park Lilly said, “I hate the summer heat.”

Sasha replied with a sigh and said, “And I hate the summer rain.”


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