Supa dupa fate OR Supa dupa fluke…


“Lela! You’ve fallen for Venny haven’t you?” Sasha grilled while gawking at Lela’s unresponsive face for clues.

“No!” Lela countered while lightly chuckling.

Nia and Sasha turned to each other in shock horror, distant from the external noise of chatter and silverware clatter in Miss Brown’s Coffee House.

Lela amused and nearly chocking on her hot chocolate by their reactions inquired carefree, “When will the rest of The Six be here?”

Nia ignoring her request as she signalled the eye-catching barista whispered, “Lela you need to slow yuh role, yuh wid Roman”.

“I want to know what Miss Asante soon to be Miss Asante-Clarke tink she a do?” Sasha sing songed as she double checked the drinks menu with Nia.

“I’m not doing anything!” Lela cackled while applying lip gloss, “But I do want to know this…How do you distinguish love from lust”.

“A wha di rass! Lela, are you serious?” Nia distressingly bawled out as she gave her order to the barista.

Still retouching her gloss and checking herself out in her compact Lela berated, “Hmmm well what about Sasha, we all saw you a crub down inna di darnce wid Mr Benjamin Wright what’s all that about?”

“For goodness sake man, it was just a dance man” Sasha replied and then demanded as she opted for a sweet black coffee, (loaded with brown sugar), “And my girl, can you please not run ya gums about this in front of the man dem, look there here now”.

“Only, if you promise to fill us in”, Nia provoked as she finished up with the handsome barista.

Annoyed Sasha yelled, “Nia!”


“Why yuh so tetchy Sash, you got yuh monthly?” Lela teased.

Sasha more peeved sucking her teeth reacted, “Whatever man! Anyway just shut up”.

“Shut up about what?” Knight probed as he and the mans all sat down at the table to complete The Six.

Changing the subject quickly Sasha calmly claimed, “Oh were just chatting about how to decipher a new relationship”.

“You mean how to not get whipped or bun”, Knight expressed as he needled Nia about ordering drinks for the mans.

“You just know when she’s the one”, Ben retorted as he watched Sasha while taking her cup of sugary black coffee from her hand and sipping some.

“Just don’t ever let your guard down brudha oh”, Steele protested in his mother tongue.

Lela pondering asked, “But what if you think that you’re with ‘the one’ but then another ‘the one’ comes along…How do you know which one is supa dupa fate or supa dupa fluke?”

Knight asserted, “I don’t know bout no dupa supa fake or supa supa fate and fluke but what I do know is that when love comes knocking yuh best answer…”

Photo Credit: Andrea Lewis


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