Superdrug fights back on tampon tax

After the fierce row over the ‘tampon tax’ from autumn last year died down, high street shop Superdrug could ignite it again. Superdrug has decided to give the tax money back to women who buy their own brand of tampons and liners.

The 5 per cent tax on sanitary items as a luxury product, raises £15 million a year for the government. After what seemed to be a compromise by Chancellor Osbourne, the £15 million is due to go to towards women’s health and support charities.

However, many women are still unhappy about paying for something they have no control over.

Superdrug is now planning to tackle this by rewarding customers 3 to ten points on their loyalty cards, when they buy Superdrug brand sanitary products.

Head of Customer Service Gemma Mason said, “The issue of which items are rated for VAT has always been contentious and we believe that if there is one product area which needs urgently addressing its sanitary protection”.

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Photo Credit: Kaldari

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