Surrogate mother gives birth to her own grandchild

“Any mother would do this for their child”

After her 21-year-old daughter was left infertile from cancer treatment, Julie Bradford became the surrogate mother to her grandchild.

Her daughter, Jessica Jenkins, survived cervical cancer after being diagnosed at the tender age of 18.

Upon diagnosis, Jenkins decided to freeze her eggs at the local Cardiff University Hospital.  From the 21 eggs that were extracted before radiotherapy treatment, 10 survived and were grown into embryos before being frozen.

Ms Jenkins has been in remission from the disease since August 2014.

After careful consideration Jessica and her husband Rees Jenkins decided to start an IVF plan to conceive a child. The grandmother-to-be was successfully implanted with the fertilised egg earlier this year.

Bradford gave birth to her grandson, Jack, on 2 December weighing in at 6lb 10oz.

The 21-year-old daughter said: “My m[u]m is the most brave and amazing woman in the world. I love her so much for giving me my son.

The proud grandmother has said: “From a young age I longed to become a mother and our dream has come true. Jack is perfect in every way.

“I’ve always known from a young age Jess has longed to become a mother just like I did. When cancer took the chance away for her to carry her own child away we were all heartbroken.

“I decided that if I could be Jess’ surrogate then I would have the control again. I was given the chance to carry Jessica and Rees’ child – and it was an honour”.

Overcoming the odds and fears of never becoming a parent – Julie Bradford’s surrogacy to her daughter, Jessica is an uplifting and inspiring piece of news to all communities alike.

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