World Sushi Bar

Nigel Gordon introduced Manchester to the world of fresh, ready to go sushi back in August 2013. His ‘World Sushi Bar’ has proved something of a sensation ever since. A concession within the popular Habersworld, it is situated in the predominantly Jewish community of Prestwich, providing the only kosher sushi in Greater Manchester.

The word ‘kosher’ should not deter you, however, from sampling what World Sushi Bar has to offer; they have a little something for everyone. The kosher aspect does not detract from the deliciousness of the product.

The menu boasts a wide variety of pieces like sea bass, yellowtail and salmon, alongside a generous vegetarian menu including Cucumber Avocado Mango Rolls. Nigel told TNT, however, that they are prepared to make any sushi “within reason”. The chefs work tirelessly from 8am throughout the week – the Sabbath exempted – to keep the shelves constantly stacked with freshly prepared kosher sushi.

Beautifully presented and artistically put together, the sushi is frequently in demand for events such as bar mitzvah’s and weddings. They create platters of 40, 60 and 80 pieces with combinations of whichever sushi tickles the customer’s fancy. These platters are also perfect for dinner parties, or even more casual get-togethers with friends.

Although deliveries tend to be local, they will travel as far afield as the city centre or Whitefield for larger orders. Customers can also order over the phone, and boxes of sushi will be kept aside for them if they are able to imminently collect them, or freshly prepared just before the customer’s arrival.

The sushi is served on little trays decorated with black and purple traditional Japanese patterns, each garnished with a slither of salmon and a whip of wasabi. Chopsticks provide an authentic Japanese aspect to this Jewish-inspired take on the Asian speciality.

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