Suspected gas explosion occurs in Blackley

A suspected gas explosion which occurred in Blakely has left two homes destroyed and resulted in five casualties.

The explosion occurred on Monday 16 January 2017 at a property on Cecil Road, Blackley. The gas blast left five people injured, with two men being left seriously injured. Residents were evacuated from their homes following the explosion.  A man has now been arrested.

The two men who were seriously injured were rushed to hospital. One is in a critical condition and the other remains in a stable condition.

The man, aged 33, who is in a stable condition, is being held. He is being held on suspicion of causing an explosion to endanger life.

Greater Manchester Police said that a 29-year-old man remains in intensive care after he was thrown a ‘considerable distance’. He was thrown from the property.

Greater Manchester Fire Service (GMFS) was called to the scene at 12.40pm on Monday. Fire-fighters assessed the damage of the property. Five crews were sent out to deal the ‘partial collapse’ of the end-of-terrace property.

The fire service said that a total of three people were taken to hospital for their injuries.

The property had almost been completely demolished by the blast. Rubble and furniture had been littered around the house and the street. The gas board worked to isolate the gas supply.

A kitten was rescued from the scene of the blast. GMFS tweeted that the kitten was being “very well looked after”.  The RSPCA are catering to the kitten’s needs.

Detective Inspector Dave Sinclair said that there is now evidence that there was “some criminality” involved.  Witnesses have come forward with important information.

The house is being treated as a crime scene and further investigations will follow.

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Photo Credit: Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

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