Tackling off-road bikes with specialist policing team

A new specialist policing team has been set up to tackle issues with off-road bikes hitting the road recently.

The new Safer Roads Team at Greater Manchester Police will be on hand if off-road bikes are being used illegally. They will be equipped with a fleet of on and off-road bikes and unmarked cars to help catch offenders.

The ‘toolkit’ will be readily available on the GMP website.  It will contain details on what information will be need to take action against those who ride off road bikes illegally. It is designed to help tackle an issue that is top of the agenda for residents in some areas.

Chief Inspector Butt: “Off-road bikes being driven illegally are a big concern for us and the people of Greater Manchester.

The Safer Roads Targeting Team will consist of seven off road bikes based at Eccles. They will cover the whole of Greater Manchester.

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