Taking the P? Station toilets rake in nearly half a million


It has emerged that Manchester’s Piccadilly train station earns over £400,000 in a year from pay-as-you-go toilets.

Network Rail, who run the station, charge the public 30p a time to use their toilets, leaving them with a staggering £435,615.30 in turnover.

The figure was revealed after passenger Michael Hoyle put in a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

Although Network Rail wouldn’t have had to provide the details until April, they chose to divulge the amount anyway.

A spokesperson from Network Rail said: “any profit from the use of toilets is reinvested into the railway to help provide better value for taxpayers and fare payers.”

We asked the people of twitter what they thought:


Becca Frankland said: “That’s ridiculous! I’d want a gold toilet for that. They should donate some to charity.”

Amy Jones said: “I don’t mind them charging it stops them being as dirty because less people go in them!”
If you had the choice of keeping your toilet fee of 30p and using it for other services, how would you use it?
For example, a major fire broke out yesterday in Albert Square, with over 60 fire fighters tackling the blaze.

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