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Talk Like TED by Carmine Gallo

During another hunt for the next best book I happened upon this read. Now, primarily for guidance on the delivery of a good presentation these TED talks aim to make any presentation delivered one the audience will remember.
For me this book was not just about how to deliver a speech and on listening to a TED Talk it was the actual listening to the highly articulate message they are trying to convey.

This is obviously how TED Talks work they give someone the opportunity to speak whilst engaging the audience in a topic of their choice, and this is the power of the TED way. Whilst the delivery of a speech is somewhat nerve racking the speakers whom I have listened to delivering a TED Talk speak with an ease that seems second nature, which means this technique must work.

This book is not just for the individuals who perform public speaking tasks regularly, it also for us who desire to speak confidently in any situation. A good book with some clear advice to help in everyday situations.

TNT Lifestyle Jacqueline E Hylton

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