Tamar Braxton ‘at peace’ after split from husband

Tamar Braxton is ‘at peace’ after splitting up from her husband Vince Herbert.

The singer and reality star recently opened up about how she’s doing after filing for divorce from Herbert in October. The pair had been married for nine years.

“I’m at peace,” said Braxton, 40. “Vince and I are not fighting. I think people associate divorce with like, arguing and fighting and a lot of havoc, and that’s not where we are.”

Braxton said the former couple’s main focus is their 4-year-old son, Logan Vincent.

“We have our little boy,” she said. “We just try to keep things as calm as we can.”

Braxton also revealed that while she had moved out of the house, the exes are still in communication.

“Let me tell you something: When you love somebody, you probably will always love them,” she said. “That’s what I believe. Vince is a family member. It’s just unfortunate that things are where they are now, but you never know.”

Tension in the duo’s marriage will play out on this season of their WE tv reality show, Tamar & Vince. Braxton admitted she doesn’t know how their split will affect the future of the project.

“We’ll see where Vince and I end up,” she said. “Maybe we’ll do a show about how things are now that we’re not together.”

Asked about possibly reconciling with Herbert, 44, Braxton said it’s honestly “just really [hard] to tell.”

“I think Vince and I have a lot of healing to do individually so we can come together if that’s in God’s plan,” she said. “So right now, no.”

Braxton also opened up about how being married, living together and working together put serious strain on the relationship. Herbert is also her manager.

After witnessing her daughter suffer through physical abuse, Evelyn Braxton said: “I think Vincent is a bully. I’m just being honest. The fighting, cursing, and what bothers me is the baby is in the middle of it. I’m afraid that he may hit her and kill her.”

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