Taraji P Henson’s ‘Proud Mary’ ignored by Hollywood?

US actress Taraji P Henson is in an action-packed film where she plays the lead with a slinky outfit and gun. Since its release in the US, the film has hardly received any reactions online compared to other films with female leads, critics cite.

The $14m [£9.9m] action movie has had minimal exposure. Yes, there were trailers, TV spots and periodic billboards, but Henson’s action drama was hidden from critics. It was given little in the way of flashy press. This is perhaps what led to accusations that Hollywood hid Proud Mary for reasons not necessarily related to its quality.

Nonetheless, critics have reviewed the film and cited it has not delivered on the promise of its first teaser trailer.

Had it delivered, perhaps Sony would have sold out of the film.

The idea of a racial conspiracy to bury Proud Mary seems more comforting, especially to fans, rather than the simple notion that the movie is not good enough.

Reviews are awash with descriptions of the film being ‘choppy, missing an entire first act, and defined its female protagonist entirely by male gaze’.

Apart from its main star, Proud Mary is also described as not having any marketable elements.

Some critics on Rotten Tomatoes even said Sony had ‘zero incentive to let the word out [about the film] any earlier than they did’.

Whether it is described as an artistic and commercial failure or a promising shot, Henson’s Proud Mary is worth watching.

If not for the resources that Henson brings to the role then at least it should be celebrated as an example of the rising shift in BME representation in cinema.

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Photo Credit: Zero Media

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