Tastes of the world: 5 places to eat in Manchester

Manchester is one of the best cities in the world. One great reason why we call Manchester home is because it is one of the most ethically diverse cities. As a result of this, our multi-cultural metropolis offers a variety of cuisines to tantalise our taste buds to different tastes of the world.

Sapporo Tempanyaki

Continually listed as one of Manchester’s top rated restaurants, Sapporo Teppanyaki, with its extensive menu of authentic Japanese cuisine and renowned cooking performances, has earned its rightful place.

The wide-ranging menu covers everything from duck to steak, lamb to chicken. Sashimi and sushi are just some of the exciting array of seafood expected. The restaurant praised for its authentic and fresh food.

If there is one thing that makes Sapporo Teppanyaki shine it is the pyrotechnic wizardry that the chefs perform. Never has a dining experience been so theatrical and so entertaining. After an entertaining show of spatula tricks, egg balancing acts and tossing sautéed potatoes, the mains are prepared and cooked.

Whilst not the cheapest in town, the entire dining experience from start to finish makes it worth every single penny. With a children’s menu and halal meat, Sapporo Teppanyaki is the ultimate eatery for any member of the family at any occasion, simply because of the convenience with which it slices through the best meat slicer.


By dint of name choice, the owners of Montpellier’s restaurant took the lead by opening this hidden gem. Montpellier’s offers the only French style bistro menu in the Northern Quarter. Inspired by a visit to the southern French city Montpellier, its menu makes the average Frenchman feel a swell of national pride for having given Manchester the ‘croque monsieur’ (or madame), and ‘beef bourguignon’, for example. Neatly tucked away on Back Turner Street,  this bar/restaurant isn’t just a room that sells food and drink with a seat to consume it and gulp it. Montpellier’s is warm, welcoming, comfortable and non-pretentious.


Seated at the top of Princess Street opposite the Town Hall, the premises has changed ownership several times over the years. It has turned in to one of those blink-and-you-miss-it kind of establishments that usually wouldn’t be at the top of your list of eateries to sample in Manchester.

But that shouldn’t stop you. The patriotic and realistic decor of the interior ties in the heart and soul of Greece. Whitewashed walls are adorned with family photos and traditional Greek clothing. A huge flag emblazoned across the top of the kitchen demonstrates pride in the roots of the cuisine.

The menu is expansive and easy to comprehend. Rozafa on a weekend is a brilliant place to bring the family. It’s token as ‘a little taste of Greece’ perhaps explains why Rozafa has an array of regular customers.

 Scene: Indian Street Kitchen 

Nestled in Spinningfield’s Leftbank, is Scene: India Street Kitchen; a premier, rustic Indian restaurant with enough authenticity to rival Delhi’s very own street vendors.

This comfortable, modern and elegant dining room is blissfully free of the tired and shabby clichés of Anglo-Indian restaurants. Its set-up is like a paperback scene telling a story of India without being too preachy. Original and expressive rural trinkets are prawled systematically across the room.

With the restaurant’s open-plan kitchen spreading wafts of mixed spices and hissing sounds, Scene is still in-keeping with its ‘street food’ identity. What’s more, the hospitality and ambience in this street kitchen evidently matches its triumphant menu.

Pho Manchester

Pho effortlessly incorporates authenticity and contemporary simplicity into both its food and decor.  It’s easy to see it quickly becoming the go-to place for Mancunian couples, colleagues and families alike.

Set across three floors with a mix of cosy booth seating, large wooden tables and benches for a quick bite, or external tables within the amazing central atrium, the restaurant interweaves all meal times into a straightforward and seamless menu.

Pho is a truly authentic experience of Vietnamese cooking, you can’t beat it. As if that isn’t enough, the restaurant is introducing the ‘Emergency Hangover Cure’ – for when partying has taken its toll on you. It’s healthy and packed full of vitamins which will get you back on track.

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Photo Credit: The Nubian Times

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