Tech to tackle discrimination and racial bias in the workplace

Founded by Mayokun ‘Mac’ Alonge in 2018, The Equal Group focuses on market regulation and business strategy within the energy and utilities markets.

Throughout his career, Mayokun has observed a number of disparities in the selection and treatment of people from ‘atypical’ demographics within the workplace. He also concludes there are limited solutions being proposed to tackle discrimination and bias.

Having worked on cross market initiatives, such as smart metering working groups and industry governance groups, he has observed limited representation and participation across the energy and utilities sectors. This inspired him to launch The Equal Group to make an impact across industries in the UK.

The Equal Group exists to resolve issues of bias within areas of employment primarily in gender, race and disability.

Tech is improving globally and across all sectors, but the issue of bias remains unresolved at both a policy and operational level. The Equal Groups seeks to harness the power of tech in addition to providing consultancy services to help clients truly get to grips with their diversity and inclusion problems.

Move beyond the ‘diverse’ rhetoric

“I’m exhausted at the prospect of continuing to tell people of colour, women and those with disabilities that they have to work twice as hard to achieve half as much. The notion and rhetoric is unsustainable,” Mayokun says.

“I will continue to work towards making justice and equality the norm and ensuring that we leave a positive legacy for the next generation.”

Mayokun cites how there is a lot being said about diversity and inclusion, with many seeming to promote the idea of diverse and inclusive workplaces, without making any tangible strides beyond rhetoric.

He points to scandals in the media, a large proportion of which can be directly or indirectly attributed to a lack of diversity throughout all levels of corporate, political and social life. Referencing the #MeToo Movement, Anti-Semitism and Racism in Politics and General corporate failings, he stresses the need for diversity at strategic and decision-making levels.

“Not tokenistic diversity, that considers only arbitrary proxies, but true diversity which includes those with different life experiences and heritages,” Mayokun explains.

“The Equal Group is the key to unlocking the solution using the provision of diversity and inclusion systems, consultancy and industry advocacy.”

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