Technology Addiction

Did you know that the average person spends 4 years of their life looking down at a mobile phone?

Technology has a myriad of benefits, from hunting for those bargain jeans to finding the latest gossip about Rihanna, all at the click of a button. However, our generation has become convinced that these machines are indispensible to our lives. Such dependency on the virtual world can make us withdrawn from reality.

We have become reliant on speed, becoming an impatient generation, which is shown through the increase in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder by 25% in the last decade.

The most serious, lasting effect, however, is the loss of face-to-face conversation and the damage this does to relationships. My friends and I have recently realised just how much IPhones disrupt our conversations, leading to us completely ignoring each other at times.

Technology seems unavoidable, but I have realised that it isn’t evil – it is just imperative to find a balance between the virtual and the real world.

Dr Jonathon Fader suggested to teens that the main solution is ‘setting boundaries for yourself’ and ‘remembering to focus on being present’. Most teenagers don’t have this balance; the average teenager spends 7 hours and 38 minutes on technology every day. It’s time now to take control of this issue.

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