Teenage girl raped in Middleton

A teenage girl has been raped in Middleton.

Greater Manchester Police is investigating a report of rape of a 13-year-old girl which happened at around 4.45pm on either Thursday 10 December or Thursday 17 December 2015.

The rape was reported to GMP on Sunday 3 January 2016. According to the police, it happened as the girl walked home along a footpath that leads between Mainway East and Wince Close in Middleton.

Whilst walking along the footpath after getting off the bus, she was approached by a man from behind. He grabbed hold of her and pushed her to the floor where he raped her.

The girl did not initially report the incident to anyone, but is now being supported by specially trained officers.

The man is described as white, aged in his 20s or 30s and of a medium build. He spoke with a local accent. His face was covered so only his eyes and mouth were showing. His lips are described as red as if they had a rash around them and his teeth being crooked. The girl described him as “having some teeth behind his teeth, as if it was a second row”.

He was wearing a black polo t-shirt with black buttons, white button holes and a white logo. The man was also wearing black jeans or tracksuit bottoms that tied at the top and black Adidas trainers with black stripes and laces.

GMP is appealing for information and witnesses.

Detective Inspector Damian Simpson from the Serious Sexual Offences Unit said: “It has taken this girl some time to speak out about what happened to her, but thankfully now she has come forward we can give her specialist support for what is clearly a very disturbing incident.

“We are committed to bringing the offender to justice and have launched a full investigation. These offences are very rare and we will have extra officers patrolling the area over the coming days, especially around the time this offence occurred to reassure and safeguard the community”.

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