Teens face gunpoint robbery playing Pokemon Go

On the evening of Tuesday 26 July, three teenagers, aged between 15 and 18, had their mobile phones stolen in Whittington Park, in Holloway, North London.

The teenagers were playing Nintendo’s newest creation, ‘Pokemon Go’, when the attack occurred.

Since the release of the new craze, a number of worrying incidents have occurred involving people playing the game.

It has now been reported that a group of teenagers in North London were approached by three male teenagers of a similar age, who ordered them to hand over their phones.

One of the attackers revealed what was thought to be a handgun. The victims were able to escape unharmed, once they had given the perpetrators their devices.

It has been stressed already by the police that gamers must be careful having their mobile phones on show in public areas, particularly at night.

The game is providing endless fun for many across the UK and beyond, but must be used safely.

TNT News

Photo Credit: stux

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