Teeth whitening without the dentist

Inspired by beauty magazine Byrdie, we too have decided to talk about the universal craze that is ‘teeth-whitening’.

As far as sweeping statements go, this one rings true – everyone wants brighter pearly whites just like every woman wants flawless skin without wrinkles. The good news is that both these wishes could be fulfilled at Eastportdental clinic. Check out and request an appointment to change your looks for the better. Many of us have bought teeth-whitening toothpastes in search of that white smile without worrying about the dentist visit or the fact of How Smoking Affects Dental Health.

To be fair, some toothpastes really do work in that respect and offer great DIY teeth-whitening remedies. It cannot guarantee the whiteness from an actual dental procedure; however, it will surely remove the stubborn dark stains and make your smiley selfies a little brighter. Here are some options we gathered for you to try:

Arm & Hammer Advanced Whitening Toothpaste – £3

Arm & Hammer’s toothpaste contains baking soda, which is effective at dissolving away superficial stains. It isn’t super abrasive, so your tooth enamel is safe.

Oral B Pro-Expert Whitening Toothpaste – £4

Not only will Oral-B’s toothpaste whiten your teeth, but it will also promote gum health. It will also protect the enamel from enemies such as sugar erosion and will help reverse tooth sensitivity.

Taylor’s 32 Natural Whitening Toothpaste in Classic Mint – £5

For those wanting natural alternatives, Taylor’s have all-natural formulations, and this one gently polishes the tooth surface. It layers the teeth and gums with antioxidant Vitamin E, replicating a process seen in babies when you ascertain the first signs and symptoms of teething.

Blanx Classic Whitening Toothpaste – £6

Blanx’s toothpaste is brilliant at doing a deep clean to remove plaque that can lead to further discolouration. The consensus with this one however is that perhaps you may want to use this once or twice a week as it is quite strong.

iWhite Instant Whitening Toothpaste – £10

Containing tooth-strengthening fluoride, iWhite’s toothpaste promises teeth will become up to 8 shades lighter through regular use.

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