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Terrorist Anders Breivik gives nazi salute

Mass murderer Anders Breivik gave a Nazi salute as he appeared in a recent court hearing.

Breivik made the salute at the start of an appeal case at a court in Skien, Norway on 10 January 2017. The terrorist made the gesture after greeting his legal team. He stood silently, briefly staring at reporters whilst making the salute.

The right wing extremist is being held at the prison in Skien. He murdered 77 people in a bomb attack and shooting rampage in 2011. The 37-year-old terrorist sued the government last year after arguing that his human rights had been violated.

Government lawyers have argued that the extremist is living in better prison condition than many inmates. They also say that Breivik remains a threat and should remain in solitary confinement.

Judges are reviewing his solitary confinement. Breivik has appealed against it, arguing that his solitary confinement is inhumane and has violated human rights. He says that frequent strip searches and handcuffing has violated these rights.

Breivik made a similar salute at the start of the case last year. The government is appealing the Oslo Court’s decision in April. The court sided with Breivik’s claims that his human rights had been breached.

The court ruled that “the prohibition of degrading treatment represents a fundamental value in democratic society”.

The terrorist was convicted of mass-murder and terrorism in 2012. He was sentenced to 21-years in prison but this sentence can be extended. It can be extended for as long as he continues to be seen as a threat.

The gesture given by Breivik in court suggests that the 37-year-old will continue to be viewed as a threat. Here Breivik aimed to create a sense of fear and terror.

Breivik has murdered a mass number of people and has behaved in a way which aims to incite terror. In 2011, Breivik claimed to be the commander of a secret Christian military.

This has caused many to consider whether Breivik should be considered a terrorist.

TNT News

Photo Credit: ODN

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