Tesco accused of race discrimination against public school pupils

Tesco has been accused of race discrimination after state school pupils are left queuing up outside the shop. The same does not happen to private school children, who are free to come in the store without being stopped.

Kids from the state school Boroughmuir high school in Edinburgh are let into the Bruntsfield store in small groups. But children from the George Watson private school don’t have such problem.

While fellow pupils from George Watson all come in at once, Boroughmuir students have to stand outside behind a barrier. A Tesco staff member is present to monitor the queue and make sure pupils with Boroughmuir’s uniforms don’t sneak in.

The complaint was raised by Neil Pollock, father of a child from Boroughmuir state high school. He told The Guardian that his son and friends have to queue whilst others come in freely ahead of them. And this obviously frustrates them.

They did not want to raise the issue themselves, he added, but they are pleased that someone else did.

He tweeted: “@Tesco makes one set of school kids queue outside, whilst another school walks in. One is state, the other private. Which one has to queue?”

In reply, Tesco apologised for “any confusion caused”. However, they justified saying that George Watson’s pupils are usually less, making it “quicker and easier” for store staff.

Mr Pollock’s further reply left no space for confusion. “It may be easier for the store but it is discrimination”, he said. “Everybody should queue or nobody should queue”.

A Tesco spokesperson denied any sort of discrimination between state and private school pupils from that store.

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