Tesco to accept Sainsbury’s Brand Match coupons






Customers shopping in Tesco stores can use Sainsbury’s Brand Match coupons to get money off their Tesco shopping until 30 June – two months after Sainsbury’s promotion is due to end.

In early April, Sainsbury’s announced they would be abandoning the scheme which offered shoppers vouchers to spend in store if they found they could have bought branded goods cheaper elsewhere.

It was decided that the promotion would be brought to an end after Sainsbury’s found its customers preferred “having lower regular prices across the store”.

Tesco launched its own brand-matching scheme – Brand Guarantee – last October, which offers immediate price matching at the tills without the need for paper coupons.

The last Sainsbury’s vouchers will be given out on 26 April but Tesco hopes to steal a march on its rivals by allowing customers to get money off their shopping for a further two months.

Matt Davies, Tesco’s UK chief executive said: “This is a little help for Sainsbury’s customers from us at Tesco.  It also provides the opportunity for Sainsbury’s customers to experience Tesco’s Brand Guarantee, which we launched in October, and has been universally welcomed by our customers.”

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Photo Credit: Gordon Joly Flickr

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