Tesco to save 135 tonnes of food waste – Watch

Tesco say they will save 135 tonnes of food waste per year by not trimming their green beans.

Until recently, the Kenyan produce growers who supply the British supermarket with its stock of edible fine bean crop were required to deliver fine beans within a specific size range and to trim the ends off before they were packaged and shipped to the UK.

Now, as part of an ongoing review of its food sourcing policy, Tesco has widened the length specifications and stopped the trimming procedure meaning 15% of the beans will no longer go to waste.

Tesco Commercial Director for Fresh Food Matt Simister said: “We have listened to our customers who have told us that they want great tasting, quality fresh produce over uniformed sizing.

“Our overall aim is to use as much of the edible crop as possible. In some cases, we believe that our specifications – such as with the fine beans – can be widened to accommodate more of the crop.

“If there is a surplus, we will work with suppliers to find an outlet – for example, by connecting our growers with our fresh and frozen suppliers for it to be used in foods such as ready meals.”

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Photo Credit: Tesco PLC

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