Thandie Newton: “I don’t even believe in God but will thank her”

British actress, Thandie Newton, recently won her first ever Emmy award and upon receiving it, she caused some controversy with her acceptance speech.

The 45-year-old actress won an Emmy on 17 September for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama series.

Newton won the Emmy for her role as the single-minded Maeve in “Westworld.”

“I don’t even believe in God, but I will thank her tonight. I am so blessed,” she said upon accepting the award.

She then got bleeped for a profanity.

Tim Graham, the executive editor of Newsbusters, shook his Twitter head.

“‘I don’t even believe in God, but I’m going to thank her tonight.’ is Hollywood In One Sentence,” he wrote.

Ironically, earlier in the show, co-host Michael Che had joked that not enough white people (except for “Republicans and ex-crackheads”) thank God in their acceptance speeches. Newton is black.

On Twitter, Newton unsurprisingly received some backlash from many users about her speech. Criticising the actress’ mention of mentioning God even though she is an atheist, @willbesoon tweeted: “Cringeworthy moment. Whole lotta folks giving Thandie the side eye after this…watch what I tell ya!”

@celtic_ghirl wrote: ““Thank HER tonight”…Just no. Also, how can you thank someone you don’t believe in? Literally makes no sense whatsoever.”

Adding to the backlash, @olguith tweeted: “Then she says “I am blessed…so blessed” do you believe or not? It’s ok if you don’t, just don’t pretend both.”

Some even pointed out Newton’s attempt to turn it into a sexism issue. “I don’t believe in God but I’m going to make it a sexism issue anyway,” @gavingeorge88 wrote.

“Shocking, how can she just assume gods gender?!” @yuffy1 tweeted.

There was some support for Newton from fellow atheists, however. “It’s an inclusive Emmys right? Why not represent atheists as well? We’re people too” @vectorpicasso wrote.

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