The Afro cold war…

“I’m sick of the tension between Caribbean’s and the African community it is nonsense, we are all black man.” Steele said peeved but also comfortably seated with The Six in one of their favourite eateries in Manchester, “Tropical Taste” which boasted an excellent fusion of traditional West Indian/African foods and atmosphere.

As the first entrée arrived Lela said in her best African accent, “Steele my brud-ha I have had to tolerate this nonsense all my life.”

The Six, now laughing sarcastically, sympathised in their best African accents saying, “Sis-tah ooh.”

Steele still amused while pouring a glass of water from the full jug on the table said, “No but seriously I met this woman we were chatting and then she asks me where I’m from, so I said the UK.”

Sasha interrupted Steele’s flow and finished his sentence saying, “Then she said no, where are you from originally.”

Steele nodded and replied, “Yes she said that so I said I’m originally from Nigeria in Africa.” Steele paused as the pretty waitress returned to their table with their drinks order, when she left he continued saying, “So as soon as I told her I was from Africa she goes to me, ‘well this is where we end our conversation’.”

Outraged Nia rested from eating and said, “You lie!”

“Was she black?” Benjamin asked.

“Yes!” Steele answered annoyed.

Vexed by the sheer ignorance of Steele’s encounter Knight said, “Yuh nuh want her, she’s rude man!”

Lela added, “Well as you know I’m half Jamaican and Ghanaian and bwoy did my mummy and daddy get it.”

Corking the lid back onto the bottle of hot pepper sauce Benjamin, now confused, stated, “I don’t get it, I could understand if they were an interracial couple.”

Lela explained, “The African women would make snide remarks saying that Mr Asante only liked Caribbean spice and the Island men would be very hostile towards my father.”
Chowing down on his African stew, Knight said, “Look there has been beef since the break of dawn between our people its madness.”

“Yeah especially when we all look the same.” said Sasha while adding more black pepper to her spicy vegetable soup.

Nia asked, “But why?”

Wiping his mouth with his napkin, Knight replied, “Oh it’s something to do with Africans selling their own black people as slaves.”

Steele paused from his plate and said, “But the transatlantic slave trade was on a much greater scale than Africans selling salves.”

Sasha retorted, “But being betrayed by your own people is far more worse than being betrayed by strangers, imagine your own family betraying you and a friend…Which wound cuts more deep.”

Unapologetically Steele retorted, “If God didn’t forgive sinners heaven would be empty…We all need to put an end to this Afro cold war…”


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