The Almighty Sometimes

The Almighty is Kendall Feaver’s extraordinary professional debut. Winner of a Judges Award in the Bruntwood Prize for Play-writing 2015.

This is a profound portrait of a young woman trying to take back control and mother compelled to protect her. The award-winning Julie Hesmondhalgh and critically acclaimed Norah Lopez Holden return to the Exchange to play mother and daughter. In this incredible new play. They are joined on stage by Sharon Duncan-Brewster (who returns following her award-winning performance in A Streetcar Named Desire) and Mike Noble. Directed by Katy Rudd, The  Almighty Sometimes is unflinchingly honest. Woven through with startlingly delicate humour.

Anna is coming of age. Possibilities are unfurling in front of her. She’s ready to take control. However, she knows more about what’s in her bowl of cereal than what is in her medication. She is wondering, for the first time, how life might feel without the pills. But as Anna tries to distance herself from her doctor and the label that has defined her. Her mother Renee isn’t ready to let go.

The production runs in the Theatre from 9 – 24 February.

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Photo Credit:The Royal Exchange

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