The Art of Happiness

A handbook for living by Dalai Lama

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive” – Dalai Lama

This is a serious read but one which is not too complex. We all seem to all-too-easily get caught up within our own emotions and forget the simple act of love to our fellow human beings. This book, although basic in its teachings, allows us to appreciate the value of life and all that we seek. Sometimes I find that self development books teach us things that cannot easily be applied to everyday living, this is where these teachings are different.

This book does not try to influence you to become a Buddhist but simply to allow us to accept that happiness is something which we must train our minds to do every single day. The book was written with the help of psychiatrist Howard C. Cutler and through his meetings with the Dalai Lama found his own view of happiness changed and it invites you to do the same.


TNT News Jacqueline E. Hylton


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