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The Black Child Agenda heads to Birmingham

The Black Child Agenda are heading to Birmingham, because “black children are facing discrimination up and down the UK” and the organisation is geared to empower parents on their rights when tackling the ‘school-to-prison pipeline’.

Formed in 2011, The Black Child Agenda (TBCA) is an international organisation supporting children and families who face discrimination, permanent exclusion, bullying and isolation. It also supports children and families who are not receiving the correct mental health support in the UK.

According to TBCA, students are often kept in isolation, given fix term exclusions or permanently excluded. This can even go as far as a child being arrested for minor offences.

Statistics reflect that these policies disproportionately target students of colour and those with a history of abuse, neglect, poverty or learning disabilities.

The organisation was born after the founder Cheryl Phoenix’s sons came up against overt racism and direct discrimination at their school.

They and other black students were being harshly penalised with regular sanctions of isolation and fixed term exclusions, or off-site education for minor infractions, whilst their white counterparts were given simple warnings.

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Photo Credit: TBCA

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