The Bogus Woman arrives in Z-Arts – Watch

Whilst many of you may be fed up of the term migrant or refugee, there is a deeper and more harrowing reality behind the terms we are so desensitised to and brashly use without a thought spared.

Having been timely sent to Manchester by its producers, The Bogus Woman comes to our great city at a time when immigration and the refugee crisis within the EU is at its most alarming. However this is no ordinary tale of a migrant; this is a nightmare within reality or rather a nightmare of a reality.

Produced by Kay Adshead and directed by Zoe Waterman, The Bogus Woman is a heart-wrenching but poetic eye-opening tale. An African female poet and journalist arrives in a strange country fleeing for her life, seeking safety and asylum. Despite having committed no crime she is indefinitely confined, interrogated, humiliated and abused. She witnesses the cruelty of the authorities and their casual disregard for an individual’s human rights. This strange country is England.

Krissi Bohn [from Coronation Street] performs this powerful, poetic and heart-wrenching play – bringing to life the 51 sharply etched characters who retell the experiences of this young woman.

This is a must-see, so do yourself and humanity a huge service by booking one of the two days it is showing at Z-Arts theatre in Hulme – 10 and 11 September 2015 at 7.30pm for only £12 full rate and £5 for students.

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