The dads calling for baby changing tables in men’s toilets

It is not just a woman’s responsibility to change a baby’s nappy but some facilities are still catching up. It may not have crossed many people’s minds but often it’s women’s toilets that are equipped with baby changing tables. Even the symbol shows a woman (in a dress) crouching over a baby as she changes the nappy.

Dad Donte Palmer, who runs Instagram account Three Boys One Goal, has started a campaign #Squatforchange after a picture of him changing his son’s nappy went viral.

Backed up against a wall, and kneeling down, he was spotted using his lap as a make-shift table. Not only is it uncomfortable (and risks getting poop on your trousers, not nice), he argues it reinforces the idea that caring for a child is a mum’s duty alone.

‘What’s the deal with not having changing tables in men’s bathroom as if we don’t exist,’ he wrote on the post. ‘Clearly we do this often because look how comfortable my son is. It’s routine to him! Let’s fix this problem!’

Donte has since started the hashtag on Instagram and other dads are submitting their own pictures of kneeling for their children.

‘Changing tables are important in men’s restrooms because fathers deserve the opportunity to be their best,’ Donte told Metro.

‘I believe that fathers should be facilitated equally to mothers. Ultimately fathers need changing tables so babies can be changed in sanitary conditions. With the movement being in full force I do believe change will happen not only in the country but around the world.’

‘I believe we as fathers need resources to take care of our babies.’

Donte also said to those who say dads can just use disabled toilets which sometimes have tables that it still takes away from the issue.

If dads did begin to use disabled loos as changing room facilities, it may stop disabled people using the bathroom. He also stressed that not all disabled toilets have changing tables anyway.

Some parents have used potentially dirty toilet floors or they’ve had to lay down their clothes on the floor to clean their babies.

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Photo Credit: 3boys_1goal Instagram

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