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The futures bright at Mosscare – 26 new jobs

Yes that’s correct, a cost sharing vehicle created by Mosscare Housing Group and St Vincent’s Housing Association has created 26 new jobs in Mosscare’s repairs service.

Whilst already employing 47 people, Mosscare’s repairs provide the repairs and maintenance service for their 4791 homes.

It is a merger that will see the existing service extended to cover St Vincent’s 3500 homes across the North West. Up to 841 applications were received for the positions, and 18 people attended a pre-employment course provided by Skills Company, a spokesperson for Mosscare revealed.

Before being taken on as a Trainee Installation Engineer, Abdil had been unemployed for two months. “I applied because of the experience I’d had with Mosscare employees working in my house. I wasn’t hopeful as I didn’t think I had enough experience”, Abdil said.

“I was relieved to get the job after being unemployed and knew I’d be working in a great place. After two months I finally felt I had something to get up for. I’m looking forward to doing something positive for my community”.

Chief Executive at Mosscare Housing Group, Rob Ferguson said; “The strong partnership between Mosscare and St Vincent’s gives both organisations the opportunity to create local jobs, improve quality of services for residents and achieve value for money through sharing costs”.

Speaking on behalf of St Vincent’s Housing Association, Charlie Norman added, “I’m very happy that we are joining forces with Mosscare to deliver an important service with an organisation that has similar values and a clear focus on its customers”.

The new service is already in operation, having been launched earlier this month.

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