The historic Junction Pub calls last orders

The Junction pub one of Manchester’s local institutions, going back to the heyday of the nearby Hulme Hippodrome, has now closed its doors for what could be the last time, much to the outrage of the local community.

Reportedly it is now available to lease as a development opportunity, although rumours are spreading like wild fire, that the pub has effectively already been sold to an undisclosed property developer. The Nubian Times can neither confirm nor deny as we are currently still awaiting clarification from the agents.

The historic establishment was last run under ownership with Hyde’s Brewery, and is now owned by Portfolio Properties.

Deyika Nzeribe, of Hulme Greens, is among the local community outrage about the alleged sale of another much loved historical community asset.

He said: “It’s a shame that Hydes did not appear to value the importance of The Junction as part of the Hulme community, I’m sure they would have given a chance to local people to put in an offer”.

The future of the pub, once known as the Grand Junction Hotel, is uncertain; however, Portfolio are now inviting interested parties to come forward.

The proposed leasing of the hotel takes place in the background of a series of pub closures in Hulme and local developments, including the nearby MMU Birley campus.

The hotel was known as venue for music, with regular jam nights, open mic night, and reggae nights held there prior to its closure.

Such was the loyalty the establishment inspired that a petition to save the pub on late last year, which was unfortunately unsuccessful.

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