The latest scandal rocking the Celebrity world

This week, celebs have well and truly been suffering from a serious case of foot in mouth. First of all the was Loose Woman Jamelia letting her loose lips get the better of her when she blasted overweight people by suggesting they should be fat shamed by making larger clothes sizes unavailable in high street stores.

The singer-turned-TV personality recommended people over or under a certain size have “specialist” shops because “you should feel uncomfortable if you are unhealthy.”

Naturally, her comments offends lots and lots of people, including TOWIE’s Gemma Collins and actress Kym Marsh but Jamelia stood by her comments, saying on Good Morning Britain, “Knowing I offended people really upset me and knowing I made people question themselves and their choices. All I can do is apologise for that.

“But I do stand by what I said – I am a real woman with real opinions. I’m not here to play some villain. It’s not that, I get paid to voice my opinion. Occasionally you offend people.”

Next up, Beyoncé’s new stepfather Richard Lawson has most likely already put an end to the honeymoon period of his recent marriage to Tina Knowles by speaking to big-time gossip news site TMZ.

The shameless actor allowed himself to be filmed by a TMZ camera man whilst answering questions about his new family and personal life with them and even cheekily plugged Jay Z’s flop new music venture Tidal.

Looking like he’s settled straight in to that unkempt, comfortable stage of marriage already, Lawson happily told how he and his new wife and kids have been “like family” for 33 years before going in to salesman mode and jumping on the Tidal hype.

We think the only person that may appreciate this over-share is Jay Z…

Finally, in the week that Bruce Jenner officially revealed that he is transitioning from a man to a woman, actress Alice Eve waded in on the debate with her badly interpreted opinions and so quickly retracted them. Of course, she wasn’t quick enough to not be given a good virtual kicking.

The Star Trek actress took to Instagram to rant about the ex-athlete’s emotional journey, “Nope. If you were a woman no one would have heard of you because women can’t compete in the decathlon. You wouldn’t be a hero. You would be a frustrated young athlete who wasn’t given a chance.
“Until women are paid the same as men, then playing at being a ‘woman’ while retaining the benefits of being a man is unfair.

“Do you have a vagina? Are you paid less than men? Then, my friend, you are a woman.”

After being labelled transphobic and several fans threatened to unfollow her on Insatgram, Eve rapidly retracted her statement and reissued a much more timid and formal one to People, which read, “My intention was not to offend. My intention was simply to express that, with the overdue and welcome acceptance of us all living on a gender spectrum, we must encourage equality for all.”


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